Why Safety Management and Process Hazard Analysis?

Some things are too important to ignore.

Your company’s very existence may be challenged by a single serious industrial accident. Personnel injury or death, damage, claims, downtime, lost capacity, lost opportunities, legal fees, and government penalties can each exact heavy tolls on corporate resources.

Smaller incidents can erode your competitive position and profits.

Possible criminal liabilities exist for managers and directors who are negligent in safeguarding employees, the community, and the environment from hazardous processes.

Safety Management Services, Inc. (SMS™) is prepared to assist you in protecting both your personal and business investments with a wide array of resources and services.


SMS is internationally recognized for providing a variety of risk management services to a wide range of commercial clients and government agencies. SMS is a specialized team of highly qualified engineers and scientists who have experience applying risk management protocol to ensure safe processing and handling of explosives and hazardous chemicals.


Safety Management Services, Inc. has served a wide variety of clients in testing energetic, flammable, and oxidizing substances and articles. We are one of five laboratories authorized by the DOT to recommend shipping classifications for Class 1 articles and substances. Three of the six authorized test agents work at SMS. Together they have over 60 years of experience in testing propellants, pyrotechnics, and explosives.


Our engineering support team provides expertise throughout the entire manufacturing process. All of our team members are trained engineers with years of experience providing engineering support services to a broad range of clientele, ranging from aerospace to energetic material manufacturing companies in both private and public sectors. Our history and experience in working with manufacturing and testing provides our clients access to a unique set of skills enabling us to solve almost any problem your company may face.


The test equipment manufactured by Safety Management Services, Inc. is used internationally and throughout the United States. Our equipment has been purchased for sensitivity testing in national laboratories, defense operations, and commercial enterprises.

Visit our About Us page to learn more about our risk management and explosives safety expertise, heritage, and principles. Please contact our office for further assistance or information. You can also download our brochure here. We look forward to hearing from you!

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